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7 Chakra Rose Sage

7 Chakra Rose Sage

SKU: 00111

Traditionally used by some cultures as a means of purification. When lit, the smoldering bundle of sage and roses produce a highly aromatic fragrance. Great for ritual, incense, or purification use and balancing blocked chakras. each vibrant color aligns with one of the seven chakras. 

Red Rose Petal represents the Root Chakra (grounding, security and magnitism.

Orange Petal represents Sacral Chakra (Emotional wellbeing and creativity)

Yellow Petal represents the Solar Plexus Chakra (for tapping into your powerful light energy that resides deep within us.

Green Heart Chakra petal to expand and call in more love, healing and compassion into your life. 

BlueThroat Chakra to freely speak truth to power.

Lavender 3rd Eye Chakra for the elevation of consciousness and connection to intuition.

Violet Crown Chakra for divine enlightenment

Use this sacred smoke bundle to tap into your creative energies!

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